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Scheduling - Course Books - Weather - Long x-countries


In order to schedule, you must either come in or call 239-939-6010. Our scheduling system has been carefully designed to accommodate you as effectively as possible and allows you to schedule anytime throughout the business day at your convenience.

The schedule only has two days in advance for several reasons: 1) Weather - usually we have a good picture of what the conditions will be in two days and you can schedule accordingly. 2) The student knows how to schedule each lesson only a few days in advance, whether he/she needs a dual/solo/cross country or ground school. 3) Availability - each student has the opportunity to schedule if we only have two days in advance, with more than that we have found that students will schedule in advance and take up space that they may not need.

If you need to cancel an appointment, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. Unless you have a valid excuse, if you do not give us sufficient notice of your cancellation, you will be written up for a no show charge, which is $25.00 per lesson.

Course Books

Beaver Aviation provides courses books for the Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi Engine courses. They must be kept at Beaver Aviation AT ALL TIMES. (This is a FAA regulation.) Please make sure that you follow the safety procedures which are listed in the front of the book.

Each course book is reviewed and approved by the FAA and is based on the building block technique of teaching. The advantages for the student to complete such a structured course and have the course book available to them are many. Throughout your training you will have a clear picture of what is expected of your flight performance, each lesson has a completion standard clearly stated. You will have the advantage of looking forward through your course book and know what to study for the next lesson to better prepare yourself for each lesson, saving yourself time and money in the process. Also, if you wish to have a secondary instructor to advance your training even faster. Each instructor can, at a glance, see exactly where you have left off and what you need to do to complete a lesson. Most of our students have a primary instructor and a back up instructor (secondary) for those days when you had not previously scheduled but have found time to get a lesson in and your primary instructor may not be available, you can still fly.


Unfortunately, your flying depends on the weather conditions. You should get into the habit of calling Flight Service before each flight lesson. They will provide you with information about the current weather conditions, such as the ceilings and visibility. Procedures in your corse book. The telephone number to call wether is : 1-800-992-7433 or 1-800-WX-BRIEF.

Long Cross Countries

If you are planning on taking a plane for the day, you must plan to fly at least five hours and you must check with the Chief Flight Instructor prior to scheduling your flight. If you request to have a plane overnight, you must have an instrument rating.

For trips such as these and also your normal cross countries, we will provide you with a credit card for fuel. It is your responsibility to return the card and the receipts back to the personnel at the front office.

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